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E8T-1200, Air Pressure >5.0 KG/CM2 For SMD Mounting Machine

中国 Shenzhen Eton Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. 認証
中国 Shenzhen Eton Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. 認証
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E8T-1200, Air Pressure >5.0 KG/CM2 For SMD Mounting Machine


起源の場所: 中国
ブランド名: ETON
モデル番号: HT-E8T-1200


最小注文数量: 1
価格: US $76,000-77,000 / Units
パッケージの詳細: 標準的な輸出パッケージ(真空パックとの木の場合)
受渡し時間: 15日
支払条件: T/T
供給の能力: 50
ディメンション: 3100*2400*1550 MM 総重量: 1800 の Kg
PCB の厚さ: 0.5-5 mm 土台の速度: 60000 CPH

smd pick and place machine


smd led mounting machine

Product Description


Our machine is a dual-system, dual-module multi-functional laminating machine, which can produce two different products at the same time. 16 suction nozzles of dual-module can be used to complete 60000 CPH efficiently.

Product features

Dual system, dual module multi-functional mounter.

Mounting components: LED,capacitors,resistors,IC,shaped components,etc.

Applicable to vibration feeding system for lens.

Exclusive patented technology:

Electronic feeder feeding system

Vision for the flight identification, Mark correction

Non-stop refueling capabilities

Auto-optimization feature after coordinated generated, etc.

Produce two different products at the same time.


Technical Parameter

led bulb assembly machine/smt production line

Dimension Length 3100MM
Width 2400MM
Height 1550MM
Total Weight 1800kg
PCB PCB length width Max:1200*350 mm Min:50*5 0mm
PCB thickness 0.5~5mm
PCB Clamping Adjustable pressure pneumatic.
O.S. system Windows7
software R&D independently
Display LED Monitor
Input Device Keyboard, Mouse
Feeding system No. of feeders 2*17PCS
No. of nozzles Dual module, totally 16
Feeder type Electronic feeder
Vision System No. of Camera 4 sets of imported camera
  Vision for the flight identification + MARK correction
Mounting Precision ±0.02mm chip
Mounting Height <15mm
Mounting Speed 60000CPH(optimum)
Components LED, capacitors, resistors, shaped components, etc(Max:17mm Min:0603)
Components Space 0.2mm
Power 220AC 50HZ
Power Consumption 8 kw
Operating Environment 23±3
Conveyor Transmission Max Length:500mm
Transmission Speed >500mm/sec
Transmission Direction Single(left→right or right→left)
Transmission Mode Online drive
Air pressure >5.0kg/cm2
Electrical control Independent research and development by ETON
Motion control card module 2 sets Independent research and development by ETON
X,Y Axies Driving Servo motor


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Packaging & Shipping


Package: Standard export package(Wooden case with vacuum package)

Shipping: Shenzhen port within 15 days after payment


Our Services


Maintenance Period: 1 year.(whole machine, any parts need to be repaired or replaced will be free)

Upgrade the software will be free

Visit customer regularly and gather information.

Provide latest information about technology and equipment.

Company Information


Company five level managerment policy: sincere business, focus on R&D, manufacturing intentions, considerate service, customer trust.

"No worries"after sale service concept: the Pearl River Delta region to arrive within 4 hours, day to solve; Guangdong Province 24 hours.

Eton mission: professional, excellent technology, sharing the results.

Eton goal: to create a national brand, build international Chinese enterprise.

Eton purpose: to create value for customers, creating benefits for society.





Q: What are your advantages?

Our company stick to five level management policy: sincere business, focus on R&D, manufacturing intentions, considerate service, customer trust.

Q : Is there any quality guarantee?

We stick to quality first, client-oriented, Continuous improvement!

Q: What is SMT Machine?

This is an LED lamp patch machine using surface mount technology.

Q: Whether the machine's after-sale service is guaranteed?

Each of our machines has a one-year warranty and will regularly visit customers for use.


Certificate& Partner


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